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We save you time, effort and money by providing unique solutions for express, freight and mail services through world-class carriers you know and trust.


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How it works

WebShip is our unique shipping portal that will save you time, effort and money.
WebShip will be your portal to all your shipping needs.

SAVE TIME: By obtaining quotes from different shipping solutions available you can make a quick decision on how to send your shipments. We keep the information on all of your shipments so you can have a quick overview of what you have shipped.

SAVE MONEY: Our aim is to provide you with the right carrier for your business needs at a discount.
WebShip provides you with a wide range of shipping services and an easy way to produce shipping documentation; you will achieve cost savings on your shipping.

CONNECTED: You can follow your shipment via our real time track and trace facility. You can also connect to our local advisors if you have any questions or require expert advice.
You will be given a unique login and password, allowing you immediate access to ship via the internet, no additional hard or software is required. Your rates are preloaded to suit your individual requirements.
WebShip stores all your shipment history, including addresses, quoted shipments, track and trace status information, and pricing. This will facilitate the process of checking information against your invoices.

WebShip will significantly change your company’s shipping process.